We’re excited for our latest upcoming game, Rooster Rush (formerly known as Gaijin Dash) by Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat. Once we have a prototype in our hands our team playtests and cleans up the rules while I search for an artist to illustrate the game. I stumbled upon Sergi Marcet’s portfolio and contacted him right away.
Sergi is a talented artist and when we saw his portfolio we knew he’d be a great fit for the game. He’s re-illustrating a big chunk of the game and we’ve been amazed with what he’s worked on so far:

Here’s a quick video on how to play Rooster Rush:

We’ll show you more progress on the game once we have the art finished and we start working on the graphic design/layout of the cards!

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Allison Litchfield is our lead graphic designer for Mayday Games. She started working for Mayday while living in China, but now resides in Las Vegas, NV. When she’s not working on game graphics she’s exploring new places and spending time with her Bengal cats.