Ready to get your shelfie on? Enter for a chance to get your entire collection sleeved for free by Mayday Games!

Here’s our shelfie (Post yours in the comments below to enter):


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How to Enter:

  1. Sign up for the Mayday newsletter.
  2. Post a photo of your shelfie in the comments below. (See examples from our last contest here:

You can earn extra bonus entry points by completing the other entry options. The winner will be selected at random. We will verify that the winner has posted a photo of their shelfie.

So What’s the Catch?

No catches to speak of. Obviously if you’re a business, we’re not going to sleeve your entire game library. This is limited to consumer gamer libraries only and up to a maximum retail value of Mayday sleeves up to $500. Once you win, you just need to tell us what games you have and what sleeves you need to cover those games. And we’ll do this for up to 6 months from the time you win the promo. International winners will just have to pay shipping on the sleeves that they request. Shipping is free within the United States. We’re going to trust that you’re entering this contest for you, and for you only. There’s no way for us to guarantee that we’re sleeving only your game library, but we trust you to be honest with us and not sleeve all of your friends games too. No, this offer does not include physically sleeving your games for you. 😉

Terms: No business owners can enter. We will not sleeve a business game library. Maximum retail value in sleeves we will give away is $500. We will sleeve all of the games currently in your collection and any games you purchase within 6 months of winning the contest within the $500 retail limit.We reserve the right to ship the sleeves by whatever means necessary, including whenever we can. For out of stock sleeves, paying customers maintain a higher priority and we will ship your sleeves once all paying customers are taken care of. We reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions during the contest. International winners must pay shipping. Free shipping within United States.

No purchase necessary. If you don’t have a shelfie, post some other creative gaming-related image that you take yourself. Winner of the contest will be asked to send an additional photo or two of his collection to prove ownership. By uploading your photo you are releasing the photo to Mayday Games to be used in promotional and marketing material including, but not limited to publishing on Facebook, Twitter, our newsletter and any other channel that Mayday Games sees fit.

The Last Contest Winner:


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Some say Ryan was born with polypropylene sleeves around his hands. Others say he began as a wooden meeple, eventually granted manhood by the charity of a magical fairy. All we know is, he’s our go-to guy for scouting new titles and keeping a pulse on the industry. And when he’s not convention hopping all around the globe, you can find Ryan hosting legendary Lord of the Rings game nights and being an all-around good husband and father.
  • Brian Worrel

    My shelves started next to the ceiling and expand down!

  • I have other shelves full of games as well, but this is the best I can do in one picture.

    • Chris Vallely


    • Diz Cartwright

      Wow. Gobsmacked

    • Alison Chen

      Looks like a dream come true.

    • Ryn0man

      I saw this pic on BGG – when looking for storage recommendations. I now have 20 of those shelf units (I know this, because I moved house this weekend and had to pack them all!)

    • Mellissa Melton

      What type of shelves are those?

  • Ken Scheuber

    My shelfie! Love this contest!

  • Brock

    Love this contest!

  • tebald

    This is just a tidbit of the craziness I call a hobby – Currently at 1387, I think almost every room has a game

  • Tim V Johnson

    Panoramic Shelfie (more games inside the house…) 🙂

  • Duarte Pinto

    I feel I have a very small collection by looking at all these huge collections lol Mine has around 65

  • Matthew Goddard

    Fireball Island could really use some sleeves. By chance do you have any gear shaped ones for the Heroscape? 🙂

  • John Cardine

    I would love to sleeve some of my games one of these days I need to finish filling my shelves

  • Carlos León

    just one of them 🙂

  • Chris Vallely

    Here is mine! I have some not showing from being combined, and a couple new games I keep in he car!

  • Francisco Arena

    I think I need a new shelf… but sleeves are pretty necessary too!

  • Shoe

    I’m a Closet gamer…lol

  • uberjoi

    Our very modest collection 🙂

  • Jack E. Andolini

    Yikes, what a great contest. Here’s me sheltie.

  • Benji

    My game shelves are mixed with book shelves, so i had to crop out stuff! These are the majority of large games i have, with a custom (and very utilitarian) Dixit box made to hold all released expansions.

  • Jack Francisco

    I am deep in thought, pondering which games are worthy of sleeving.

  • qwertyx7

    My modest collection…

  • attackpart3

    This is a showcase of my humble collection. Not as vast as these other guys >.<

  • Patrick S.

    Got a pretty blurry, somewhat outdated picture. Need another trip to Ikea for the second shelf to hold all the stuff stacked up off-camera. A lot of these already have Mayday sleeves 😀

  • NuMystic

    Do come inside… (shelving wraps around all four walls of that room)

  • Dim sum Dad

    Good luck everyone, and thanks mayday for putting this together!

  • andymyersart

    My games are slowly expanding to take up all the selves. Thanks for the contest

  • Erin Jeffrey

    Our ever growing game collection…sideways because my phone and I are having a disagreement.

  • Jeho You

    Here is My Shilfie. Seems simple, but I’m satisfied with my shelfie.

  • Derric Poulin

    Love board games!!!!!

  • Timothy White

    I am shamed by the glory of

  • Thomas Covert

    Who else stores their games on the ceiling

  • Jason Grantz

    I’ve got games everywhere, this isn’t even half of it.

  • NVS Gameplays

    Thanks for bringing this contest back! This is just awesome!

  • Price Johnson

    My game wall!

  • eric

    Well, due to a leaky flue pipe my game room has been set back =( The good news is we are only new carpet and backbreaking labor away from the room being finished! This is the last time all my games were in one place, but I only have a few more piles now days so it is still pretty accurate.

  • MTGirl Collector

    Love this contest!

  • Danny Dowdle

    I love MAYDAY GAMES!!!! It’s not letting me post my picture. I will verify through email or any other way that is needed to verify (I hope I wouldn’t be disqualified for the system not letting me upload my photo)

    I hope I win I love your company and your sleeves!!!

  • Benjamin Kocher

    Our guests can never use the closet in our spare room…

  • Michael Varela Da Silva

    small collection 🙁 and Im a sleeve freak lol

  • Nicholas

    This is awesome! Sadly, don’t have a nice shelf yet. Thanks for the contest!

  • Ray Gans

    One set of shelves, Mine are spread over several rooms. Thanks for the contest!

  • Matt Canaday

    Here is my shelfie. You can never have enough sleeves!

  • mightybedbug

    Most of my collection is spread all around my house (in six locations and counting) but the “forward facing one” is this:

  • LandonandJudy Dean

    This is a partial “shelfie”. We have games in other rooms as well.

  • John

    This is most. Have other shelves, drawers and hidden spots.

  • Ben Marshall

    Can’t get enough Cosmic Encounter! Or shelf space…

  • Mike Sprague

    Here’s our main shelves… also have a 4×2 Kallax and a 2×2 Kallax with most of our Miniatures games

  • Biro Tamas

    I’m a shelfless gamer. 😉

  • Ahmed Bulbulia

    My collection, which is just about to be boxed and shipped from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand. Would love some sleeves, as I play some games with my kids, and they always seem to have grubby fingers.

  • Brian Chow

    My Shelfie!

  • Linda Hang

    My Small Collection:

  • Isaiah Tanenbaum

    but a small percentage of my collection, plus a moosey friend.

  • My Shelfies… scatter through the house.

  • Karen Smith

    I thought we had a big game collection. I have never been so humbled. 😂😂😂 You guys are all amazing!! I love this contest!

  • Jared Allen

    My collection is rather small compared to a lot of the folk posting here.

  • Joe Kirkman

    One of three… an the pram that hints at why I don’t play any of them nearly as much as I would like >.<

  • Ilija Ilijic

    My collection

  • Jason Curtis
  • alazyganer

    Our little game library.

  • Becca Birch

    This picture is a little old and even when it was taken didn’t include our entire collection, but it’s the best I can do at the moment as we are currently rearranging and adding shelving for our much exploded game collection. Currently the entire closet is full and for far too many months now, our game collection is hogging my lovely bench that was not intended for that use and there are boxes of games covering most every surface of our smallish apartment. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • BeRad

    Wow…can’t compete with most of these collections but I don’t even have a SHELF to post a shelfie!! I present…..MY DESKIE!!! (humidity controlled basement at least!)

  • Matt Moos

    I have a few spots to fill with games.

  • Matt

    Haven’t gone mainstream yet with actual shelves, but the closet hanging shelves work just fine for now.

  • Only 500 $, eh? Here’s about a quarter of the collection.

  • valas

    My shelfies

  • Daniel Lavoie

    Dates from a few months back…

  • takoyaki

    I have most of my small/card games in the white box.

  • Maggie Boone

    My kids collection.

  • Chris Stegner

    Long slow burn collection 🙂

  • Chris Stegner

    My long slow burn collection 🙂

  • Gregory Jones

    It’s a small shelfie, but it’s a start!

  • Daniel Isom

    Our humble collection that’s growing slowly but surely.

  • Kyle Hough

    Such a great contest! Super generous of you guys!

  • Vorn

    I have managed to conquest a place for a game shelf only now that my triplette is 5 years old.
    can’t wait to play with them =)

  • Shelfie!!! Thanks for putting on the contest again 🙂

  • Hobbess

    Games out for a games night. I don’t need sleeves for the 2 kids.

  • My little and beautiful shelfie <3

    Thank you for this awesome contests guys

  • Mike Davis

    My Shelfie and the board game table I built in our game room

  • Jeremy S

    It’s not much yet, but it is growing slowly.

  • Peter Csuka

    A shelfie from a music student 🙂

  • Ryan Malone

    My growing shelfie!

  • Paul Tate

    Sort of out of date, but I can’t take an up to date pic as I’m moving!

  • Kyle Hough


  • Nick McSpadden

    Thanks, IKEA! But now I fear I need to graduate to the 5×5 storage cube…

  • Katherine Crispin

    I just moved recently and am still putting up shelves:

  • Jay Graffious


  • Small collection, but its mine!

  • Kit Warren

    Here is just the closet in the game room. The games go 2-3 deep on every shelf including the upper shelves not viewable from the pictures.

  • James Hoover

    Trying to keep it modest, honest! Have to find more space for scyth, hands in the sea, and food chain magnate. Not shown is broom service.

  • Hello from Russia =)

  • Michael Zabkar

    Shelfie #1

  • Michael Zabkar

    Shelfie #2

  • Michael Zabkar

    Shelfie #3

  • Michael Zabkar

    Shelfie #4

  • Michael Zabkar

    And finally…Shelfie #5

  • Tim Ryan

    Just the tip of the iceberg

  • William Taira

    I don’t have a shelfie, but recently took a picture of the majority of my collection…

  • Rudy Pang

    Protected by my trusting Pokémon!:) first row is double layered and more to come!:)

  • Tanner Tan

    I really need more shelves to store all my games! Have another cache of games unopened in another 2 carton boxes =3

  • Marc S

    Thank you all for giving me a resource to prove to my wife that I do, in fact, have a modest collection of games. =)

  • Paul Animal-Kellett

    My shelfie, there are many others like it but this one is mine 🙂

  • Ola olsson

    This is our shelf with games for mostly 3 players and more. We have one more on the other wall with 2 player, dexterity, small box, and kids games 🙂

  • Ola olsson

    This is our shelf with games for mostly 3 players and more. We have one more on the other wall with 2 player, dexterity, small box, and kids games.

  • Ola olsson

    Third try to get the image uploaded:
    This is our shelf with games for mostly 3 players and more. We have one more on the other wall with 2 player, dexterity, small box, and kids games.

  • Tempest

    My collection is smaller than most others posted in the contest, but I love it anyway.

  • Michael Patience

    There are some seriously cool collections out there. Someday mine may be as cool, but for now I’m happy with my humble closet shelfie. 🙂

  • tino0387

    My sexy TARDIS 🙂

  • Doug Dush

    Oh my, I wish you had called first so I could have cleaned up.

  • tino0387

    My sexy TARDIS 🙂

  • Chrysalde

    Seeing the other collections, I feel so inadequate. :-/

  • Brandon Copenhaver

    Got most of them in with these two. Thanks again for the contest! Never thought I’d have another opportunity.

  • Gabriel Conlledo

    So here it is… 😀

  • Jaime Coelho

    My shelfie… A full moon and a Darth Vader watching over it.

  • These are our main shelves in the living room. We have other shelves in the back of the house for less often played games.

  • Kay Rhia Peek

    Heres one shelf.. the others are separated.

  • Josh Loewen

    Still have some room to add to the collection.

  • Diz Cartwright

    Sunday Shelfie taken a couple of weeks ago…

  • Chessie Loewen

    Hurrah, games!

  • Chessie Loewen

    Yay, games.

  • Michael Landau

    Behind the closed door of this beautiful antique wardrobe lies the treasure of my humble game collection.

  • cksasaki

    Here’s my “I need a shelf” #shelfie

  • Eisen Phx

    Game night in full swing:

  • Scott Nash

    Here’s the collection!!

  • Alex Bliss

    The weekend fun all in one area.

  • Scott Nash

    My collection!!

  • Junsheng Lin

    Wow,everyone have nice collection. Love to join the party, here is mine.

  • David Gauley

    Not a terribly impressive collection so I snuck in the gaming table I built

  • Joe Flesch

    Not nearly as impressive as some listed but you should be able to sleeve it easilly for the $500. 🙂

  • John Moore

    My new game room. I have another shelf, but it is across the room.

  • Jeff Niekamp

    Mine SHOULD animate — we’ll see… 😀

  • Tj Terry

    Here is my collection!

  • Jeffrey Dukes

    My somewhat smaller collection than most. All y’all got too much money 😛

  • Rick Louallen

    It’s a start!

  • Emily

    And here I was thinking we had more than the average number of games.

  • Justin Poel

    Modest but growing…

    …that’s what she said…

  • Kenneth McLean

    Here is my Emptie…all of my games are in boxes as the movers just delivered them today.

  • Amanda Cabreza

    Here it is…sideways…

  • Angie terry

    The collection!

  • Joe Snethen

    Hoping to win.

  • Eric Greaves

    Just moved to a new place and here is my collection!

  • Alex Nguyen

    Had to make an IKEA run to get some new shelves for these.

  • Michael Denman

    Maybe not the best angle, but this works best for my FB cover photo. 🙂

  • Colin Osborn

    Shelf in closet wasn’t gonna work, so had to move my meager collection to the table. Here’s hoping!

  • Kristin Troska

    Orange Finius Kitten always plays games with us!

  • thomyerk

    heres my collection so far, included a picture of where it is started 😀

    • Mark Montgomery

      Doesn’t really do it justice, but I had to rearrange the shelves when I moved them into this room and there’s just not a good angle to get them all in.

  • Ed Fein

    Our cabinet.

  • Joew4god

    Not a shelfie, more like a game corner…my wife wants her fireplace back

  • Mike Parkinson

    It’s messy… but it’s all mine.

  • Ricardo Luna

    The Game Parlor (or Nerd Bunker in case of a zombiepocalypse)

  • Marco

    Actually not the main part. But that are the ones which have earned to be at a special place.

  • Rich Rosso

    I need a bigger shelf. Anyone know a contest for that?😜

  • Julie

    It’s not the size of the collection, it’s how you play with it… 😉

  • Sabrejimmy

    Our collection is small, but it’s growing!

  • Jorus Ving

    Some of my collection

  • Jonathan

    A couple of my shelves.

  • We’ve added another big set of shelves since your last Shelfie contest, but it’s already approaching half full! Thousands upon thousands of Mayday sleeves already on some of these (Legendary is all in Mayday Premium greens), and I just ordered some new sleeves this weekend to take advantage of your sale, but would be glad to get sleeves on everything else (Including all the new Legendary coming my way in the next six months; Firefly! Civil War! More Aliens!) if I win.

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Gregg Gentile

    It’s a puppet of me!

    • Sven_the_Berzerker

      I want to know how you can get a game out without the whole pile turning into an avalanche!

      • Gregg Gentile

        I’ve recently invested in shelves to prevent that, but strategic stacking was in use before that…

  • Jason Stapleton

    My shelves worth of games. I have a bunch of miniature games as well in a closet.

  • Christopher Bartlett

    I am no photographer, but I am a decent collector. Here’s one corner of my game room, and the rest in my BGG gallery.

  • Joy

    A bit scattered, but here are all the peices;

  • Ricardo Luna

    The game parlor

  • Caitlin Hynst

    One corner of the game room:

    • Ritch Lizarraga

      Really nice decoration on top !

  • Michal Morgan

    I need another shelf.

  • Tori Bright

    Part of my game collection. I have more in the closet and in storage. 🙂 It is not uploading my photo properly, so here is a link:

    • Ritch Lizarraga

      I see some Dominion love <3

      • Tori Bright

        Yes, I LOVE Dominion!

  • Sir_Ratcha

    Not the most updated photo, plus there’s another fully stocked Billy bookcase on the opposing wall not pictured. Sometimes I just sit down on the couch facing this wall and admire the beauty.

  • mercystreetcjc

    Here’s mine. Good Luck everybody and Thank You MayDay!

  • Debs Lyon

    A modest collection, but we don’t think it’s too bad, considering we only started a couple of months ago!

  • Jason Williams

    My color coded collection.

    • Mellissa Melton

      Ocd much? Lol I don’t have the patience!

      • Jason Williams

        It still isn’t exactly how I want it, but I’ll live.

  • Adam Duggins

    Here’s my collection!

  • Brody Sheard

    Here it is!

  • Tensixtysix Gaming

    I need a bigger shelf.

  • Nhi Pham

    Love my #shelfie!!! I made sure the lighting was as good as I could make it. 😍

  • Seth C. Polansky

    I’m entering this contest not for myself, but for my friends. So I don’t kill them when they invariably spill their drinks on whatever game we’re playing…. 😉

  • Lawrence Gaydos

    Our small (unless you’re asking my wife) but wonderful and amazing game shelf. Blessed by God to have this wonderful opportunity to share gaming with my family and friends.

  • Lawrence Gaydos

    Our small (unless you’re asking my wife) but wonderful and amazing game shelf. Blessed by God to have this wonderful opportunity to share gaming with my family and friends!

  • Mark Fettig

    ‘Bout time for some more shelves.

  • Adam Duggins

    Here’s my little slice of heaven!

  • Cate Carroll Krage
  • Chad Williams

    I custom built my finished basement to fit these shelves… last week I had to add another shelf in a seperate room. So much for planning… or self control 🙂

  • Ritch Lizarraga

    Here it is, the best spot in my house.

  • Steve Henson

    Thanks Mayday Games!! *crosses fingers* #shelfie

  • Sven_the_Berzerker

    Well, as long as photo _quality_ doesn’t count…. I’ll have to do this in two photos. This doesn’t include more games in other parts of the house, stashed at work, etc…

    I think some of these game collections are bigger than my living room 😉

  • Natalie Rogers

    This is the first layer of the games closet and does not feature the games I have brought to school for the gaming club to play.

  • Chris Foutz

    I couldn’t get the top shelf in the picture, not to mention all the game I plan on buying at Gen Con. Good luck everyone.

  • dankfloyd

    I just set this up actually. Nice to have all my board games together.

  • Christopher P. McCleary

    My shelf

  • E S

    This is where good games get to go. Couldn’t fit in the sides and top though.

  • Chris Whitpan

    My basic collection.

  • cfsjess

    But how will you sleeve Barrel Of Monkeys? 😉

  • Marthian

    Do Chesties count? This is all the games I own.

  • Sean “Thematic Mechanic” Boyll

    Quick pic of my collection on my way to bed.
    I had to use my “not as good” front facing camera to get it below your 2MB limit.

  • Melissa Williams

    Most of my cardboard children =) I do have another cabinet but this is the best I could do with one photo
    (I was finally able to get my photo to post here)

    • Chris Schryer

      So i want the only one who found the posting process painful?

  • Jordan Uy

    Not as fancy as the others, but still needs some sleeve lovin’ 🙂

  • Jeremy Jay Chaney

    Me shelfie.

  • Brandon Au

    My collection has spread to 3 separate storage areas.

  • Cziráki Balázs

    It’s more of a “beddie” than an actual shelfie but hope it works as well 🙂 …Since then, we sleep on the floor 😀

  • jdanish

    Homemade table in the front!

  • Alison Chen

    I have other shelves full of games, but this one shows some of my favorites.

  • esperare

    Not everything on these shelves is a game… yet

  • Daniel Rottler

    My little pretty collection 🙂

  • James

    Here is my shelfie! Not as big as most here (hopefully that’s in my favor 😉 ). This shelf sit’s next to my office desk and so if I’m having a long day, I’ll take a break by pulling out a rule book :). Not sure why this pictures is orienting sideways now that I’m attaching it…

  • Jason

    I have some tight space right now, but here’s the main portion.

  • Paige Pitt

    I would love to get my collection sleeved!! Here’s hoping!

  • Winvayren

    Here are my game shelves. Probably can’t see all the games but best view we could get.

  • Alexis Winters

    Check out my husbands addiction!! We love board games!

  • Allen Wiggs

    Just moved into our new house and set the shelves up with our games. Great timing. 🙂

  • Lyrisse Castro Grube

    3yr collection. Some 10+games missing not in the picture

  • Jason

    We need an upgrade! Shelves are next on our game room remodel.

  • Christopher Colbourne

    Here’s my current setup in my new apartment – 350 and counting!

  • Carlos Santos

    I only have two shelves but they can handle a lot of games. Some games are covering other games inside the closet so not all of them are visible.

  • Elizabeth Kitrel

    Here’s my shelfie. Small but mighty.

  • Ryan Cadenhead

    Not as impressive as some, but it’s growing and becoming something to be proud of! Also, it defies gravity since Disqus turns it sideways…

  • Paul Marchbanks

    Split Shelfie to capture all the games!

  • Brett Petersen

    Just me and the boys… “The Gaming Group” card sleeves would save my games from little fingers.

  • Ryn0man

    In the middle of a house-move, so can’t take one specifically for this competition, but this is about 20% of my collection, around my computer desk.


  • Cord Slatton

    wow, some of these collections are impressive! Here’s the pic of my shelfie 😀

  • Lee Luckeydoo

    This is our little family game cabinet. We have other games that our kids are growing into squirreled safely in another closet.

  • Ronnie the Boy Wonder

    Ok, it’s a 1920 house, historic district, we have just 3 light switches in the house, I installed 2, the original switch goes to a porch light, the other 7 rooms do not, and yes, we do have indoor plumbing, thank you for asking. Lighting was tough to get on these.

    House has very limited storage, first 3 pictures from second floor bedrooms, last from the landing of the third floor to the other 2 bedrooms.

    I am out of room for games unless they start going under the bed.

  • Ryan Tanyag

    Jengga shelfie! 🙂

  • Chris Smolen


  • Brett Shreiner

    This is really about half of my games.

  • Aron Dahlkemper

    Shelfie time!

  • Dustin Richardson

    In the process of moving, but here’s the current state of my shelfie…

  • Bob VanBlargan

    Here’s most of my collection.

  • Justin Newman

    I may have a few games to sleeve:

  • Jeff Hamilton

    Game shelves flanking both sides of my dining room. I’m happy to realize that my now 2-year old hobby has indeed NOT gone overboard; yet at the same time, I’m also feeling a bit envious…

  • Miss Durden

    Do you see where games were pulled out?

  • toxdrawace

    I’ve added a few since, but this is the most recent picture I have of my shelf.

  • Matej Hrovatič

    Almost all the expansions are in the base game boxes and Ubongo is missing from the picture.

  • Kirk K Rich

    #ShelfieContest One of 18 stacks like this thru the home , alas old shelf died working on reclaiming space and install of a new one , would be nice to Protect the investment interm.

  • Robert Nolan

    My unorganized game library…in the garage. So, I definitely need some sleeves to help prevent the damage from humidity.

  • Daniel

    Here is my collection. I so shouldn’t look at these photos, I just found another half a dozen games I want. 🙁

  • Ian Connolly

    A small but beautiful collection. I go for display art

  • Chad

    Such an awesome contest… I know you can’t sleeve all of these, but what if I pledge to sleeve all my Mayday games first 🙂

  • Kelly B

    Latest photos of my obsession…

  • Dany Bolduc

    Our modest collection !!

  • Michael Landau

    Hidden inside this beautiful antique armoire lies my humble game collection.

  • James Howlett

    Here’s the regulars. the rest have been relegated to the garage.

  • Matt Bushman

    Here’s ours.

  • Mellissa Melton

    Ok soooo I accidentally posted to the last contest! Haha! Oh well… here’s my husband and I’s collection!

  • Janet Ottey

    My mom got me these shelves to house the collection for Christmas, it’s looking good! And that one shelf on the bottom with the one white box in it? That box houses the Dominion collection. All of it except the newest one, which will likely show up for my husband’s birthday in September…

  • Brad Owen

    my shelfie of iron and wood

  • The main collection

  • Nayland O’Neal

    My shelfie!

  • Mark T.

    Hello and thanks for the contest. This is most of my games.


  • Jerrod Warr

    How can I properly game when TMNT Pizza Power isn’t properly sleeved up? 😉

  • Eric Taylor

    Love mayday games hope my shelf is worthy.

  • Richard Davenport

    Here are some of my games and other things thrown in.

  • Samuel Garcia

    A modest collection, but growing rapidly. Just got into the hobby 6 months ago!

  • Pete Martin

    I bought a new shelf and became organized JUST so I could enter this contest. Freeing up counter space was a bonus.

  • Artur Mittelbach

    Half my collection stays at the university. From time to time I shuffle some of the games so people do not get to used to the ‘same 40+ games’ 🙂

  • Tiffany Herker

    Its not much. But it is growing

  • Alex Valencic

    Our tabletop collection isn’t as impressive as some, I know, but we are quite proud of what we’ve been able to add to it in just the past couple of years!

  • Lance Friday

    Here is the majority of my game collection.

  • Josh Turner

    Here, they are! The rest of you are making me envious.

  • Matt Jensen

    marked my 1 yr anniversary inot the hobby this past march. i also developed funko obsession

  • Charles Wallace

    The big shelf is for my wife and me, and the little shelf is for the kids. The LEGO contraption on top of the big shelf is for holding all the cards for Firefly: The Game. We just acquired the table recently, which starts as a 48″ circle, and has 4 leaves and can extend out to 88″ long (the length was also primarily for Firefly: The Game).

  • Dustin

    Here’s mine. It came out a tad blurry, but still a good shot.

  • Sean Connor

    Sadly no enough shelf space – so more in boxes and a night mare to get to a specific game ;-( but well I have more areas that also contain more games… the loft is about 70% filled with more boxes just couldn’t get up there to take photos 😉 dang some people and their amazing storage shelving – wow…. and now jealous…

  • Jordin Peterson

    One simple shelf.

  • David

    Here’s my small collection. I hope I win!

  • sparkles_kd

    Games are a big part of our lives. My husband and I play games together for fun, and we also enjoy the quality time that can be had with family and friends when playing board games. We play a variety of games and are always looking to expand the library.

  • sparkles_kd

    Games are a big part of our lives. My husband and I play games together for fun, and we also enjoy the quality time that can be had with family and friends when playing board games. We play a variety of games and are always looking to expand the library. ❤️

  • sparkles_kd

    Games are a big part of our lives! My husband and I play games together for fun, and we also enjoy the quality time that can be had with family and friends when playing board games. We play a variety of games and are always looking to expand the library. ❤️

  • Lucas Piccoli

    Here’s a shelfie of the largest part of my collection. I got some more games since then and already running out of space. I’m definitely a sleever! So here’s hoping I win the contest, fingers crossed!

  • Chris Schryer

    Here’s my game shelf. Not pictured: my son’s other three versions of Monopoly, nor my copy of Exploding Kittens. But if Mayday can come up with game aids or sleeves or whatever for a few of my games (Gammarauders, Space Station Zemo and Mythic Migration), I’ll be genuinely shocked.

  • Jay Mac

    my collection

  • Johnmichael

    All the small games…

  • Johnmichael

    all the small things….

  • Josh Koshar

    The gaming nook 🙂

  • Michael Grinnan

    Lots of games, very few sleeves!

  • Tim

    Here is my modest collection..

  • FF

    This is 1 of my shelves.

  • Hack

    500+ games! Less than 3 years. I am obsessed. I built the shelves too!

  • Bogdan Mateescu

    here is a part of my collection

  • Craig Corlis

    It’s a growing collection, after moving across the country.

  • Shannon Wedge

    Here’s my collection, minus a few recent acquisitions…

  • Nathan Prince

    Alas, my wife has made me promise my collection of games shall not exceed the capacity of this closet, Last year I thought no biggie, this year I’m starting to get a little nervous. Things are getting pretty tight in there!

  • Jack Fleming

    My family seems to think I have a huge collection. I need to send them this page to put things into perspective for them 🙂

  • mustardseed5010 .

    Some of these game rooms are so impressive, my little pile of games looks like nothing in comparison

  • Matt Hovland

    My little collection

  • Ken Broman

    It’s a small collection right now.

  • Binyamin Gerstle

    here’s mine

  • Gun Coaty

    I’ve got a shelfie from my office cubicle, yes, thats a bag full of World of Warcraft TCG decks and dungeons!

  • Aaron Schuetter

    The current shelfie.

  • Daniel Dubský

    Shelfie from Czechia 🙂

  • Andy Olp

    Here’s mine! Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  • Nuno Santos

    My small but loved boardgame shelf 🙂

  • Ray Frandsen

    Just part of the collection

  • Paul Christopherson

    Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like shelf.

  • vaughnreynolds

    My lil shelfie + me.

  • A love this king of contest. Here is part of my collection. ¡Good Luck everyone!

  • Julian

    A condensed photo of our collection as most expansions have been consolidated into the base games to conserve space.

  • Dane

    Our puppy thinks we’re weird…

  • Matt

    Certainly not everything, but that’s my little sad shelf

  • Christina Yeh

    Cute small shelf <3

  • Debora Reis

    Here’s our modest but deeply loved collection <3

  • Alex Eaves

    This shelf is the only one that survived all my moves this past year!

  • Colin Keefe

    Wow. Small compared to some collections I see here. All but my Carcassonne and Secrets of the Lost Tomb. Oh well… Only lets me upload one pic, I needed two to show them all.

    • Colin Keefe

      Added the second pic…

  • Kassandra Rountree

    I have more games upstairs, but these are the ones we play the most often.

  • Dave Wittmann

    All my board games on the back wall, all my role playing games on the right wall.
    Your deadline to enter the “Shelfie” contest gave me the incentive to finish the shelf and move and arrange everything by today.
    I finally finished my project!

  • Geoɹgǝ Jɐɹoƨ

    I need more shelves. I have a lot more shelves, but they’re filled with books. We have space issues in our house (no, we don’t have issues with buying too many games and books, just space issues).

  • Benjamin Marsh

    What can fit in the closet, the rest is through out the house.