Update: Thanks for all of your creative and fun entries! 🙂 Winners have been announced below in the comments. Winners please follow instructions and email us with your info so we can send you your free copy of King’s Vineyard.

Are you the King of Coconuts? Are you revered as king by your fellow swimmers in Get Bit!? Tell us in the comments and you might win a copy of King’s Vineyard.

How to enter: Tell us what game you are the King of and why in the comments below. They don’t have to be Mayday Games.

Prizes: 3 people will win one copy of King’s Vineyard.

Terms: No purchase necessary. Limited to lower 48 USA states only. (We will ship to international entrants, but you will have to pay shipping.)


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  • Earl Bevins

    My game group definitely thinks I’m king of Magic: The Gathering.

  • Craig Luis

    I am king of Dungeon Roll, because I am the only one at home playing it!

  • Graham Klobe

    What game am I the king of? Well, I am the King of Fluxx. Specifically, Cthulhu or Zombie Fluxx. I know every card in those decks, every effect, every goal. I rarely lose, and even if I do I know I’ve had fun playing. It’s a great game to just pull out at the lunch table and play with some friends.

  • Oddly, I’m not allowed to play Mad Gab anymore.. In-laws played it a lot over holidays and neighbors played it every year on 4th of July and they stopped letting me play. One of those things where I could almost always just tell what the phrase was supposed to be.. Heh.

    Wish I could be king of Coconuts! Embarrassing sometimes being beaten by my girls….

  • Ralph Martinez

    I am king of Cryptozoic’s DC Deckbuilding Game. In my last game, I played as Flash and ended up with a score of 63!

    The game is incredibly fun and easy to learn. There are many different play styles and combinations within the game. I like playing as different heroes so that I can win in different ways.

  • Steve

    I am King of Galaxy Trucker.

    I have a good sense of matching up the tiles and picturing how to make a large, versatile, well-connected ships, and I’m fast at doing so. I’m not better than anyone else once the rest of the game plays out, but I’ve recently learned that people don’t want to play Galaxy Trucker with me because they feel inferior in the ship construction phase.

    I don’t have the large expansions, but I do have “Rough Road Ahead”. I’m hoping to talk people into playing by me being handicapped with that expansion, but everyone else playing with just the base game.

    Thanks for the contest entry.

  • Mike Chipman

    I’m the king of Splendor right now, but only because I haven’t played anyone but my young kids 🙂

    It’s a great game.

  • Jim

    I win much more than I lose Ticket to Ride, so I’ll hereby crown myself King of Tocket to Ride.

  • Andy

    I’m the king of Bang. I’m not even that big of a fan of the game, but I always tend to talk my way out of difficult situations and get people on my side. My friends and family don’t trust me in the game as much as they used to!

  • buraz

    I’m King of buying board games and then not playing them for years

  • Yoshi

    I would have to say I’m the King of Get Bit! My friends and I play often since it’s a quick game and we play both open and closed hands but I manage to win must of the time. It’s fun either way though and it’s a great opener for whenever we get new people who are new to games.

  • Andrew

    King of Alien Frontiers as my wife still hasn’t figured out a strategy to beat me with yet!

  • Christopher

    I’m the King of Dominare because I am able to pivot well when things don’t go my way and I am good at anticipating my opponents moves.

  • Randy Bieri

    it may look like a stutter, but I am king of King of Tokyo! 🙂

  • Hermes Padilla

    I’m the king of Dixit!!! Getting in the mind of the other Players is so fun!! (and it’s better with cards sleeved with Mayday’s Premium sleeves) 😉

  • L Boucheron

    I am king of Power Grid. I have a natural tendency for numbers, and I guess it serves me well in economic games.

  • Michael Taler

    I am King of Factory Manager, although my friends are catching up and I may be overthrow soon. No matter I will still enjoy playing it.

  • Brian W

    Whenever Village hits the table, you might as well pull out my crown because I am king!

  • Gil

    I am the King of Stone Age because I almost always win.

  • Justo S. Lopez

    My gaming group says I’m King of Lords of Waterdeep. Its a fun game and Im very good at planning my moves and thinking 1 step ahead of everyone else. My smooth ways of using all the areas and intriguing cards ro my advantage has awarded the gamer name of “Captain Chaos, Lord of the Waterdeep” by Gamer Bro’s.

  • Ken

    My partner and I are the monarchy of Charades (and any derivative thereof). We have never lost a game when playing together, and are often split up due to a suspected telepathic connection.

    • Thomas Covert

      I am King of “Tokyo” muahahahah

  • Chris

    King of Eclipse – except for those games I place 2nd but winning percentage is a bit over 70/30 so I will take King title.

  • Pedro

    Taluva – I won enough games early on that the rest of the gaming group rarely wants to play any more 🙁

  • Markus

    I am the King of Tokyo! Not because i win but because i play always the big ape…. So I guess I am more the King IN Tokyo….

  • Adam

    In my first gaming circle I was king of Settlers of Catan.

    It started out a fun for all game, then I started to win, a lot… It then turned into do not trade with me, the win rate went down but I still won a a lot… Finally it became as long as I don’t win the group was happy…

    I guess the king had to be dethroned eventually!

  • Smitty

    I’m the king of Roborally!! (A classic)

  • Dana Leon

    I am king and master of my Eminent Domain.

  • Dallan Christenson

    I am King of Catan!

  • Oh, there’s so many games; it’s hard to pick a single favourite. I’d have to say that at this time & place, the game I’m currently king of is “Dominion.” 😀

  • Mark Raz

    I am king of Bora Bora.

  • Anthony Baldassar

    I am king of Desperados of Dice Town, I’m the one that everyone considers the one to beat – I’m so high on the throne that no one can reach me

  • Jonathan R

    I am so king of settlers of catan. Sometimes I intentionally don’t play out my cards that would give me the win so that others still enjoy playing with me.

  • Jesse W

    I am the king of Suburbia! My little meeples bow before my industrial wasteland!

  • Chris

    Reigning champ and King of Blueprints from Florida checking in! I keep telling them, it’s not about the highest scoring building, it’s all about the prizes! Two or more prizes a round will net you a win.

  • Todd Geller

    I am the King of many lands and classes..
    Pirates beware I have handled that scurvy bunch in “Dead Man’s Draw” and nary a scratch as they attack me. Pirates also beware as I slay them in “Smash Up” and leave a them to the trash that they be. In Rome “Augustus” bows down to me as I take his land and rule them with me. bingo may be the game but I am am the King. The Mafia sorts in Capo Di Capi have laid themselves at my feet and made me their king and honored me with treats. . In my Castle in which I have many: Castle of Burgandy I conquered and the Castle of Dice is another. I call them my castles now because everyone else surrenders. I own Palaces of Carrara it the hardest castle to find but I conquered it and left them all behind. Now to only win the World Series of Poker my task would be done. I am the King….. I’ll bring the game you provide me the sleeves..

  • JuanJo

    I’m the King of Tokyo 🙂

  • Mark

    Mayday’s Hagoth: Builder of Ships.

  • Jason M

    I am the king of backing kickstarted board games and then getting in trouble with my wife.

  • Matthew Bird

    I am the king of Ticket to Ride…and pretty much every other non-luck-based strategy game I play. Not the king of luck…definitely not the king of luck. Now my son who can order dice to roll at his whim…

  • Wade

    I am the king of Civilization The Board Game, because I’m all that is man! My civilization strives in great directions no matter with nationality I choose. The rest fall before me.

  • Aaron L

    In my group of friends I am currently King of Dominion. Though I need to keep practicing if I want to keep that title. I just ordered 500 Mayday card sleeves to preserve the Dominion cards!

  • Byron Jorjorian

    I am king of Star Trek Attack Wing!!! You will be assimilated!

  • Evan Steinkerchner

    I am definitely the king of Quelf. That game is best played in tuxedos, by the way.

  • Susan Jorjorian

    I am king of Stone Age. Thanks!

  • Chris S

    King of Carcassone… I love my meeples.

  • Mark Weaver

    I thought I’d be king of Bora Bora since I haven’t lost a game (only played it three times, of course), but another Mark already toppled my rule. Maybe I can hold out for chief underling.

  • Justin

    I am the king of A Game of Thrones. You win or you die.

  • Nathan

    My game group is essentially playing for second place anytime Race for the Galaxy hits the table properly protected in Premium Mayday sleeves.

  • I am the King of Get Bit Deluxe. I love that game and I always want to play it. Watch Boardgame Breakfast #35 to find out why!

  • Stephen Randall

    I am the king of Shadows of Camelot. Traitors must be found! 🙂