Update 4: Check out our top 20 board gaming shelfies post that is a round up of our favorite shelfies entered into this contest. Thanks again everyone for entering!

Update 3: We just randomly selected the winner of the contest and … *drum roll* … HUGE congratulations to Michelle E. for having the luck of the internet contest randomizer Gods on her side!!! Michelle has been contacted and we’re excited to sleeve her whole collection! 😀

Check out Michelle’s collection:


Update 2: Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this contest! We will be announcing a winner within 48 hours! Winner will be posted here and we will also attempt to contact the winner individually via email. Thanks again!

Update: We’re entirely blown away by the scope and scale of the reception that this contest has received! You guys are all so awesome! For those that haven’t entered yet, be sure to scroll through all of the “shelfie’s” in the comments below and then be sure to post one of your own! We’re excited to see which game library will soon be all sleeved 100% by Mayday sleeves! Keep being awesome!


Happy Holidays friends and loyal customers!

I’ve got some exciting news: We’re giving away enough sleeves to cover your entire game collection! And if you think that’s crazy, wait till’ we tell you that we’re also going to sleeve every game that you buy within the next 6 months of winning this contest!

Kinda crazy, eh? Crazy or not, here we come!

How To Enter

You’ve got all sorts of ways to increase your chances of winning this contest and you can see them all right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So What’s the Catch?

No catches to speak of. Obviously if you’re a business, we’re not going to sleeve your entire game library. This is limited to consumer gamer libraries only and up to a maximum retail value in Mayday sleeves up to $500. Once you win, you just need to tell us what games you have and what sleeves you need to cover those games. And we’ll do this for up to 6 months from the time you win the promo. International winners will just have to pay shipping on the sleeves that they request. Shipping is free within the United States. We’re going to trust that you’re entering this contest for you, and for you only. There’s no way for us to guarantee that we’re sleeving only your game library, but we trust you to be honest with us and not sleeve all of your friends games too. No, this offer does not include physically sleeving your games for you. 😉

TL;DR Terms: No business owners can enter. We will not sleeve a business game library. Maximum retail value in sleeves we will give away is $500. We will sleeve all of the games currently in your collection and any games you purchase within 6 months of winning the contest within the $500 retail limit.We reserve the right to ship the sleeves by whatever means necessary, including whenever we can. For out of stock sleeves, paying customers maintain a higher priority and we will ship your sleeves once all paying customers are taken care of. We reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions during the contest. International winners must pay shipping. Free shipping within United States.

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Making deals and breaking hearts (watch out ladies, Seth is happily married with a whole brood of adorable offspring), Seth is the head, heart, and various vestigial organs of Mayday Games. Overseeing everything from production to acquisition, Seth also speaks about 75 languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, and Dothraki, and has unrivaled taste in outerwear. Seth currently lives in China to work closely with our manufacturers, and because he feels really tall there.
  • Ryan Cadenhead

    This is a great opportunity! Thanks for doing this contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for giving it a shot Ryan. We wish you the best luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Yup. It’s Jeff

    Pretty sweet awesomeness right here in this contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Yup. We think you’re pretty awesome Jeff. Thanks!

  • Josh Willhite

    Thanks for the contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for participating, Josh!

  • Nick

    This would be a great contest to win.

    • Mayday Games

      Here’s to hoping you win!

  • Preda Jittanoon

    Too bad most of my game are sleeved, and by Mayday sleeves. Still, a nice contest to let me sleeve everything else.

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for being such an awesome customer! Remember that if you win, we’ll sleeve any new games that you buy within 6 months of winning!

  • Lets

    Thanks for the contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Happy that you took a moment to throw your hat in the ring! Good luck!

  • Tj terry

    Cheers for the chance

    • Mayday Games

      Glad you entered! Cheers to you winning!

  • Angie terry


  • What an incredibly generous contest! You guys are amazing. Here is my most played games. Other shelves throughout the house have the large games, small box games, card games, etc.

    • Mayday Games

      Love the clever use of the gumball machine! Great photo!

      • Yeah, I found that at a flea market. I refurbished it and altered its mechanism slightly so now it serves up polyhedral dice. I give them away to kids who visit and occasionally use them as random critical hit damage dice in rpgs.

        • Mayday Games

          Good stuff!

  • John Falzone


  • Raymond Fowkes Jr.

    Entering for sure! Although pretty sure $500 of sleeves won’t last me a month …. Lol! Awesome giveaway and great buzz around it.

  • What an amazing offer! Thank you!

  • Nick Aviles

    Appreciate you all putting this contest together!

    • Nick Aviles

      Ha, not sure why the image is sideways

      • Mayday Games

        Sideways, upside down, backwards, still an awesome picture! Thanks for posting!

  • Blake Benzel

    Love this! Appreciate you putting it together!

    • Mayday Games

      Happy to hear! Thanks for participating!

  • Geoɹgǝ Jɐɹoƨ

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Chris M


  • Andre Michael Harris

    Looking forward to see who wins! Here is a small part of my collection.

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for sharing Andre! Here’s to hoping it’s you!

  • Bryan Gustin

    Hi guys, thanks for the great contest!!! What a creative way to start the holiday season!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks Bryan, glad you like it! Here’s to hoping you win!

  • Jason Mayer

    Now that’s an enticing contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Show us that shelfie, Jason!

  • Bridget Lucero

    We’ve been wanting to sleeve…but have spent all our money on the games!!

    • Mayday Games

      haha perfect opportunity to take care of the sleeving part then!

  • Tim Braun

    What a treat for the winner.

  • This could cost them dearly. I have a big collection.

    • Mayday Games

      Proveeee ittttttt!!!!! Show us that shelfie!

  • eric

    I’m kind of split, it would be awesome to win this, but a nightmare to actually sleeve all my games. =)

    • Mayday Games


  • tebald

    There’s very few really great contests that come around and this one tops most I’ve seen in the last couple of years wow, this it only a portion of my collection

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for the kind words, my friend! Glad you like it and here’s to wishing you the best of luck!

      oh, and …. HOLY SHELFIE!!!!!

  • Romilly Brown

    …like a wizard’s sleeve! 😉

  • Olorin

    Such a great idea. You WIN social media for the day!

    • Mayday Games

      You just made my heart go pitter patter. Thanks for the compliment! So glad you like it!

  • futurewolfie


    • Mayday Games

      This calls for the sleeving song. Can anybody find it?

  • Jerrod Warr

    Always loved your products (especially for Dominion). Happy to share this great contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks a million Jerrod! 🙂 We’re lucky to have you as a customer!

  • jimmyhudson

    Gotta love a great unique idea like this!

    • Mayday Games

      Glad you like it! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Ben Erickson

    This is an unreal deal!! Simply awesome

    • Mayday Games

      Good luck Ben! Thanks for entering!

  • Stephen Sparks

    Thank you very much for the offer. It’ll help protect the couple nice games I have as the kids grow up.

    • Mayday Games

      Best luck!

  • Sarah Dawes

    This would be great. Here’s hoping 🙂

  • Daryl

    amazing and ambitious contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Glad you like it Daryl!

  • jettaz

    This is amazing! My jaw dropped when I read about the contest. Kudos @Mayday Games!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks! Hope you can win!

  • Max Wagner


  • Windziarz

    Waiting for the sleeves 🙂

  • Steve Hendrickson

    Great promo

  • Travis Burke

    Awesome!!! Unpacking my games now so I can get a good pic! This sounds like a great promo!!

  • Michelle English

    My Game library, hope i win the sleeve contest

  • Jimmy Sorel

    Here’s what could fit in the picture 🙂

    • Mayday Games

      Look at that incredible Mario theme! WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT IT!?

  • Jasmine

    I can’t find the pic right now, but when we inventoried our collection, we made skyscraper-esque stacks of games that went WAY over my head.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the generous offer.

  • Joshua Hamer

    As a dedicated sleever-in-the-making, this would be amazing!

  • Jacob Stauttener

    What an amazing prize this would be!!!

  • Josh Forsman

    yay.. let me win… let me win… star relems so wants to sleved

    • Wayne Terrell

      You need to buy a copy of Quiddler so they can sleeve that for you, too.

  • Troy

    This is awesome, good luck to everyone

    • Mayday Games

      And good luck to you!

  • Holy moly, do I hope I win!

    • Mayday Games

      Holy moly, we sure hope you win too!

  • Saulo Achkar

    Just my last aquisitions from Essen 2015! 🙂

    • Mayday Games

      That’s a handsome haul for one convention my friend!

    • Pan Da

      Where do you sleep now?

  • RSanzzio

    Oh yeah!

  • Steven Llambias

    Here’s hoping I can get this. Sadly my picture isn’t loading here.

    • Mayday Games

      Maybe you can post it over on our Facebook announcement post!

  • Arthur Ferreira


  • Jack

    Great contest. Unfortunately, $500 is gonna come in a bit short to sleeve mine, but I’ll take it if I win.

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks Jack! Well, hopefully we’ll be able to cover at least most of ’em!

  • Dane

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!!!

    • Mayday Games

      You bet! Thanks for participating!

  • Michael Mesich

    Great idea!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks Michael!

  • Rick May

    Woohoo! This is AWESOME! Thank you for the contest Mayday! If my last name is May, does that bode well for me?

    • Mayday Games

      It bodes very well for you! haha! Good luck!

  • Gaia

    OMG! This is so awesome!

    • Mayday Games

      OMG, you’re awesome! 😉

  • Chris Richardson

    So need to win!

    • Mayday Games

      Best luck Chris!

  • Chris

    Very cool! Thanks for a great contest.

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for playing, Chris!

  • Jorge Neves


  • JP

    Could use the sleeves for Firefly….

  • Stefán

    Sleeves! I need some!

    • Mayday Games

      Nice collection you’ve got there Stefan!

      • Stefán

        Not many Mayday games though. :/

  • Sara Zago

    Sleeveeeeeeees…….yeeessssssss +_+ <3

    • Mayday Games

      Yesssssssss Sara!!!

  • Brandon Copenhaver

    Thank you for the contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for participating Brandon!

  • Fabio Junior

    nice promotion

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks Fabio! Good luck!

  • James Sinor

    What an amazing contest! Been using Mayday for my Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and Magic: the Gathering needs and will continue using them for any Game: the Description or Verb games I come upon.

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks for being such an awesome customer James! We really appreciate you.

  • Glen Gilson

    Would love to have sleeves for my games. They’d sure last a lot longer!

    • Mayday Games

      Sounds like a great contest for you to win Glen!

  • Michael Condon

    I’ve spent hundreds on sleeves. This would give my wallet quite a needed break.

    • Mayday Games

      Best luck Michael!

  • Matt Stewart

    Always down for keeping Munchkin and MTG cards in fresh condition; awesome contest!

    • Mayday Games

      Gladd you like it Matt! 😉

  • Eric Anderson

    This is a great idea!

    • Mayday Games

      Thanks Eric! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dasha Fox-Morrison

    I love the idea of sleeves for my games, not just collectible cards!

  • Joe Peterson

    I own over 1500 games. You don’t wanna pick me…but if you do! 😉 😉 lol Good luck everyone and thanks for the contest.

  • Steve Blackwell

    Seriously?! It might take a few months to work out all the sleeves I would need!

  • Mark Cooke

    Whoop! Could definitely do with some sleevage! And especially Mayday ones 😀

  • JK

    Been waiting for this for some time now 🙂

  • shawn5289

    Goodluck everyone!

  • Christian

    Good luck everyone, that’s a great contest. I wonder if they know what they offered…

  • Robtryb

    Great offer

  • Hellfire

    Great idea! Very original and… generous…
    For us sleevers, of course…

  • ¡Great Contest! If I win I will play in a dangerous way from now on.

  • Diego de Moraes

    That’s awesome!

  • snoozefest

    Wow, awesome contest! I was going to buy some sleeves, but now I guess I need to wait and see if I win?

  • Game On!

    Awesome contest! Thanks for the chance to win some amazing sleeves!

  • Lloyd

    Great competition idea!

  • Dimitris

    Excellent contest -excellent company.

  • Richard Bush Jr

    I would love this.

  • Bryancb

    Wow! So generous.

  • Panos Salteas-Kalogeras

    Good luck everyone!

  • TorSverre

    In it to win it! Thanks for the contest 😀

  • john jorgen

    Was about to buy some big sleeves for my copy of Mascarade, but maybe I can get TONS of sleeves FREE

  • Ashleigh

    We’ve been talking about sleeving our games for a while now, but sleeves are expensive! This contest rocks!!!!!

  • Bailey

    I would be very thankful to win this contest.

  • Jonathan Mercer

    Sweet. I have quite a few cards that could use some sleeves!

  • Joshua Fornelli

    What a wonderful opportunity.

  • The Idle Expatter (Steve B)

    This is one of the coolest contests I’ve ever seen. Nice concept!

  • Julio G

    I hope I can win this awesome contest, thank you Mayday! 🙂

  • Mehufran

    Great and original contest!

  • Mark Brandon Blaede

    Awesome contest! I hope I can win and sleeve all my Legendary cards… It’s only about 2000 cards. Plus Abyss, Robinson Crusoe, and more… I hope $500 is enough 🙂

  • Pantelis Pesma

    I hope i win!
    Great contest!

  • DKolakowski

    I would love to win this, it’s always hard to have a piece of your game ruined so you can’t play it anymore

  • Awesome giveaway! YOu’re either gonna get off really light, or really bad.

  • Kevin Schumacher

    I’ve always wanted to get everything sleeved but money plays a role, lol. So this would be amazing!

  • Chad

    Wow! This is actually a really good prize for people like me who almost cringe at the thought of getting stuff on my cards 🙂

  • Best Contest Ever! Probably won’t be me, but congrats to whoever Santa directs to Seth’s winner!

  • Nicola Pertici

    500$ worth of sleeves is probably a better prize for me rather than 500$ worth of games 😀 buying sleeves is a pain in the neck where I live 🙁

  • Mireille Binet

    Oh gosh! I so want to win!!! With four kids in the house, sleeves will be more than welcome to protect all my precious games!

  • Eddie

    I am drooling over the sleeve possibilities.


      • Eddie

        This is why I need those sleeves!

  • Chris Rebman

    If I win, does someone from Mayday come over and do all of the sleeving for me? =)

    (And why did the image post sideways here?)

  • Eric

    A sleeved collection would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Hobbess

    Cool contest – as a non-sleever this is probably like a gateway drug type issue though!

  • Brenda Alexander

    I have always wanted to sleeve my games to protect them I even have this awesome little help but have yet to do it so If I were to wit this contest I would be out of excuses!

  • Augusto Andrade

    OMG! sleeves!!


  • David Matthew Cameron

    That’s a lot of sleeves. 😜 Does that include the actual work of sleeving?

  • Peter Varholak

    One of the best boardgame related contest I know. Very useful for the winner, thanks. Pecovarhy

  • This would be amazing. Here’s about half of my collection 🙂

  • JK

    Thanks for the contest!!

  • Matteo Matassoni

    awesome contest, let’s try to win 🙂

  • dvation

    Oh man killer contest can’t wait!

  • Yuriy Timofeyev

    My collection-)

  • Yuriy Timofeyev


    • Sickkkkkkkkkk yo!

    • Daniel Winterahlter

      Awesome! And Beautiful. Nicely organized 🙂

      • Yuriy Timofeyev


  • Adam Meledeo

    Very nice contest guys, especially for us sleeve-oholics!

  • Bryan Lane

    This would be so, so useful. I’m definitely going to need to be sleeving Kingdom Death: Monster.

  • Cool!

  • Daniel Long

    Cool contest my library is definitely not the largest here.

  • Steve Lsomething

    I love Mayday sleeves! Putting in an order tomorrow.

  • Paul Nowak


  • KenS

    Slightly out of date, this last week has moved a lot of games in and out of the collection.

  • SB

    Would love to win this

  • Ocracoke Island

    The whole library? You better hope Tom Vasel doesn’t win.

  • ced1106

    Thanks — looking forward to BF deals!

  • Vincent V.

    Nice contest (that won’t cost you much if i win. I’m starting my collection. :-D)

  • daclown

    Nice contest (that won’t cost you much if i win. I’m starting my collection.)

  • Jesse

    Amazing contest, I could not even imagine having every game I own sleeved… Amazing!!!

    • You’d be able to eat as much Pizza as you could dream of… all while playing your games. Muaha Muaha Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  • ericevans

    OK. Not a neat freak but I did acquire some more bookshelves since then.

    • Hey, do we look like we’re judging? AWESOME!

  • Jerry Kiener

    Can’t wait, I’m a neat freak.

  • AceTracer

    I’ve sleeved maybe 2 or 3 of my almost 300 games, most of which I usually play in a bar, so this would be…useful.

  • Justin Newman

    I’m not sure they could sleeve all our games. http://imgur.com/a/ztvzv

    • Holy moses! It took like 30 horsepower just to load that page!

  • Scott Bartel

    You’re lucky MayDay! I used to have over 1200 games. After moving, I’m now down to 800.

    • Muahahahaha we timed the contest intentionally just as you started ditching your games.

      • Scott Bartel

        BTW… I shared the contest on FB (via “Bring your friends!”), but I didn’t receive any additional entries for it. Did I miss something?

  • Eric Findlay

    Great idea, but ditto Chris Rebman!

  • Garret Wehrman

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • Francesc López

    Cool contest

  • Tyler

    I actually haven’t sleeved any of my games, though I worry about the ones that are out of print. It would be pretty lame if something happened to those.

  • Carl

    This would be a great Thanksgiving/Christmas present!

  • Isaiah Gonzales

    My collection that looks small in comparison to some of these other crazy collections!!

    • Maybe small in comparison, but still a great collection!

  • Mario Chiock

    Already have a portion of my collection sleeved but would certainly love to have all of it sleeved!

  • Margus Paananen

    Most interesting offer, people with lots of LCGs will be drooling.

  • Vincent Moore


  • Baptiste MOUGINOT (BaM)

    It is a nice contest!!! Cool to be able to sleeve all my game in one time… but If I win… sleeving all of them… will be boring 🙂

  • Phoebe Wild

    This is a pretty awesome contest. I’m kind of curious whether I’d max out the $500 cap if I won…

    • Oh jeeze, now I’m curious too. See what you did there?

  • Wojciech Wójcik

    Fun contest 🙂

  • Jose Augusto

    Great idea

  • SGT Dave

    Now someone needs a contest to come over to my house and put all the cards IN the sleeves.

  • Gene O’Neal

    What to sleeve first?! Lol

  • Kevin Fowle

    thanks for the contest

  • Adriano Crocco

    GL ALL!!!

    • GL to you too our collective friend! Nice collection!

  • Otter

    Awesome promotion!

  • Sean Sublett

    Most of my collections, but way smaller than everyone else. Super jealous

    • We all must start somewhere my friend. Nothing to be ashamed of right there!

  • Greg Softing

    Will you also come over and help sleeve the collection?

  • A small part of the collection.

  • Alan Hyde

    Half of my collection, sleeves would be awesome!

  • Josh Davison


  • Kathy Palm

    Sleeves would be nice! (=

  • Kathy Palm

    Sleeves would be nice! ((=

    • Kathy Palm

      maybe my picture will upload this time!

      • Glad that it worked! Nice collection! Currently protected by Ms. Piggy & Mickey Mouse!

  • Nathan Burt

    This is a cool contest. My collection isn’t huge, but it’s growing!

    • Not huge? NOT HUGE?! 😉

      • Nathan Burt

        Well, I say that because in my game group I have the 4th largest collection. I just need to keep getting more. Of course, I told my wife that if I won this contest… I’d have to buy a lot of games over the next 6 months. 😉

  • Michael C. Alves

    Very nice collections here!
    Mine is abit smaller, but growing.

    • Let’s see the goods!

      • Michael C. Alves

        Need some nice shelves to better display they… At last i have a nice table xD

  • Felipe Proto

    Hello, Seth!
    Greetings from Brazil! Venha nos visitar de novo qualquer dia 🙂

    And here is my collection. Not as flashy as some here, but this one is mine.

  • Mark Montgomery

    Sounds nifty, thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all!

  • Chavez

    I can’t really fit all of my games in one place….so this is like half of my games or so? Can you guys do a shelving contest too?

  • Gordon Berg

    Love seeing everyone’s collections!

    • Mayday Games

      Isn’t it great? Thanks for contributing!

  • Steven

    Quoth my wife: “But you already bought sleeves!” Time to replace them with premium sleeves, right? 😉

    Sorry, no photo tonight.

    • Mayday Games

      lol, the quote was better than a photo! 🙂

  • Black Omega


  • Ege Tunca


  • a_patch


  • Crossing fingers …. Now.

    • Against the rules to cross toes, so just as long as you don’t do that …

  • Geobaldi

    Back three rows of my gaming closet. Hoping to have proper shelving one of these days.

  • Geobaldi

    And the front three rows of my collection. Not showing is the 30 or so that are still over at our weekly gaming meeting place.

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  • kazebc

    D’oh I bought my sleeves just before the Black Friday announcement. Oh well, time to get more!

  • Stephanie

    I am so incredibly excited for this!

  • Erin Jeffrey

    This is the greatest giveaway ever. I’m always trying to convince my husband that we need more sleeves.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy you like it. Your husband will come around one of these days … 😉

  • Collin Chandler

    This would be awesome to win! 🙂

  • jesse

    Very excited! I need plenty of sleeves!

  • John H

    This is awesome! Thanks for putting on such an incredible event!

  • Troy


  • TiredofIdiots

    Nice contest!

  • George

    Hey, I tweeted about the contest but it didn’t recognize my shazzam! Frowny face.

  • Josh

    This is about half the collection, and most of them are already sleeved with Mayday sleeves

  • I accidentally mistyped my twitter handle and I can’t edit it now. I hope it’s still ok.

  • Kim Euker

    I posted a picture of one small part of my collection on Facebook. I would love to win this!

  • Luis Rodríguez Flores

    Here is my game collection 😀

    • AWESOME! CAUTION: Gaming Table May Collapse At Any Moment!

  • Matt Freitas

    Here is mine kinda a mess cause i picked up like 80 games from bgg so it hasn’t been organized yet.

  • DeltaDemon

    Here’s a comment

  • Jason

    This is a wild contest! I think the best part would be the extruded project of sleeving up all those games! I love projects!

  • Chris D

    thank you for this contest

  • Kevin Ho

    Can I get a trained chimp to help sleeve even if I don’t win? Also, maybe paint some figures or is that asking too much? haha

  • Ray

    Geez. I dunno. I like Mayday so much, I wouldn’t want to bankrupt them from trying to sleeve my entire collection. Although, being a sleevaholic, much of my collection is already sleeved. :-p

  • Here it is

  • Eric

    Thank you for doing this contest. Very cool!

  • William Baldwin

    Thanks for the contest! My Master Thieves NEEDS sleeves!

  • Jeff Owen

    I would love to win, my sleeve supply needs to be endless

  • Jessica Lynn

    this would make for an awesome xmas gift!!

  • Fred

    Great sale! Now which games to sleeve first… maybe all of them?? ^_^

  • Amazing competition! Here’s most of my collection (new shelves, still organising)

  • Ned Meier

    Awesome contest. Hope I get to sleeve up my games and protect them from my kids

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  • Isza Vagansza

    May-day be with you!

  • Mitchell Miller

    Sweet contest!

  • Otomo

    Wow and I thought I had crazy collection, most people got way more than me based on the pics D:

  • Mary Prasad

    Great company with great products! Thanks Mayday!

  • Brawlin’ Brothers

    Thanks for the awesome contest, Mayday!

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  • John Moore

    Man, this would be great. I have always wanted to sleeve my games!

  • Nathan Greco

    Here’s mine

  • VmRosowicz

    Yes! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  • Brian Sledd

    This picture is a few kickstarter games shy currently… but gives you a rough idea of what you are getting yourselves into… 😀

  • modernevil

    I already have something on the order of 10k Mayday sleeves, but I also bought/received 10+ new games in the last few weeks (with half a dozen more on the way) which will all need more sleeves! We’ve got over 3k Legendary cards in Mayday Premium sleeves alone!

  • Venron

    So, this is just most of the newer games that are still in my office at work, about 3 times more at home…

  • Contest Junky

    What are supposed to use as out Facebook text when entering? Picture upload to the blog post failed. 🙁

  • Michael Boone

    It would be awesome if I won this!

  • Joe Peterson

    I can hardly wait to win this contest. My collection is impressive, but not as impressive as many of these!

  • odiosopanda

    I have a small but growing collection, these sleeves will come handy.

  • Scott LaBlanc

    Great contest. Taking my picture now.

  • Rob Duke

    Awesome contest!

  • mightybedbug

    I would like to win this. So here is my shelfie.

  • Winston Lee

    Love your passion for protecting card games

  • Grave Impostor

    Thank you for the contest!

  • mtjm

    Thanks Mayday for such an awesome prize! 😀 Here’s my shelfie 😀

  • Nathaniel Jones

    Been collecting for a couple years, playing for about 5. Not bad for a broke college student!

  • Mike Wilson

    My Shelfie

    • This is a really great collection! Must do a roundup blog post of all these great shelfies.

      • Mike Wilson

        Thank You. I have since added to it. This picture is from a year ago.

  • RSanzzio


  • Ben Erickson

    Did the contest wrap up? I haven’t seen a winner posted.

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  • Michael Boone

    These are my wife and I’s games.

  • Patrick S.

    Got a really blurry, somewhat outdated picture. Need another trip to Ikea for the second shelf to hold all the stuff stacked up on the side 🙂

  • Jon Detmer

    This is the Dining/game room. We are building our game room and hope to double our collection once we get the space.:)

  • Lee Luckeydoo

    Here is the “family” game area. We have another area of games for our Kids to grow into.

  • Niki

    So excited for this contest!! I don’t know why my #shelfie isn’t right-side up!!

  • Stephen Bonnette

    Working on reorganizing a modest collection.

  • Rob Sharp

    Running out of room

  • Winvayren

    Here is a pic of my game shelves.

  • Clint Broadbent

    Running out of room!

  • Mellissa Melton

    Since it just showed up on my fb news feed… I’m going to guess it’s running again? ….I need more shelves too! 🙂