The summer keeps heating up, and at Mayday Game’s, we’re not even close to turning the dial down on our smokin’ hot giveaways and new products!

Support Dead Man's Draw on Kickstarter!

We just released our latest and greatest Kickstarter ever, bringing Stardock Entertainment’s popular digital card game right to your tabletop. And now you have a chance to enter to win your very own copy of Dead Man’s Draw (after the Kickstarter ends, of course), along with hundreds of dollars in other prizes!

Grab Some Loot! Dead Mans Draw Giveaway

What are the prizes?

  • (5x) copies of Dead Man’s Draw ($110 Total Value)
  • (5x) $25 Amazon Gift Cards ($125 Total Value)
  • (5x) $20 STEAM Wallet Gift Cards  ($100 Total Value)

How Do I Enter?

There are several ways to enter, just look below. PLUS, refer your friends to get extra contest entries!

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  • Alex Sieland

    Favorite game is Race for the Galaxy due to its depth compared to the time it takes to play.

  • Aaron Anderson

    Favorite game would be 7 Wonders. Fast to play, easy to learn, great up to seven people and adding more people doesn’t slow the game down, competitive but not combative so people rarely leave the game feeling like they’d been beat up on, the mechanics encourages people to swap seats between games so people get up and socialize more over an evening, and it’s just damned fun.

  • whypick1

    I think my favorite is Red Dragon Inn. Tons of variety, fairly simple to teach, still plays well whether you have only a couple of players or many.

  • Aaarggh! Blow me down! Such a great contest! Me hopes me wins the booty!

    My favourite game be Carcassonne at this har moment. It is mighty replayable, not too hard to be learnin’, and can be played when me and my other pirate friends be chattin’ about other pirate-y things! Aaaarggh!

  • Norbert Schafranek

    Favorite game is Euphoria, because its innovative, colorful, and have some cool humor.

  • My favorite game is Puerto Rico because it’s a good strategy game.

  • Brian

    My favorite game is currently 7 Wonders because of the play time and number of players.

  • Dallan Christenson

    Depends on my mood, but Carcassonne is always a great game to play (and easy to teach to newcomers). If I want strategy I like Settlers of Catan or Agricola. And for complete silliness, Munchkin for sure.

  • Craig Luis

    Favorite game is Dungeon Roll because it is smail, easy, and quick to play.

  • jhollender

    My favorite game right now is Pirate’s Cove. I love the fast pace, and anything with pirates is great!

  • Igor Bone

    I’m currently playing a lot of Android: Netrunner. Dominion and Puerto Rico are always in my top games list.

  • John Stout

    First real Euro game was Carcassonne. Still my favorite.

  • Brad Rochford

    Whoa, this is an amazing contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Geoɹgǝ Jɐɹoƨ

    Thanks for the contest! Check out my review of Get Bit!

  • almond

    hard to pick one favorite. I recently had a blast with dungeon! it was like munchkin. meets candy land.

  • Brad Rochford

    My favorite game is Ticket to Ride as everyone in my family can and wants to play it.

  • John Falzone

    My favorite game is Descent. It’s the next best thing to playing a RPG.

  • Buddyla

    My favorite game is Betrayal at the House on the Hill because it’s different every time I play it!

  • eugaet

    I think I’d have to go with Forbidden Island. I like the cooperative play and mass consolation when the group inevitably loses.

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  • James Curnalia

    I love Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. Light, engaging, and great to introduce to non-gamers.

  • Raquel Evans

    Mmm… Hard to pick just one, but Race for the Galaxy is up there. You only have to learn the system once, but so many cards and starting worlds it takes a new strategy every time, and it’s crunchy enough to be interesting without making your brain drip out your ears.

  • Pantherbane

    Hammer of the Scots has a lot of nostalgia for me.

  • Thomas Vilfroy

    Love dead mans draw digital game and hope the physical kickstarter does great!!

  • DavidRY

    Wow, choosing a favorite is difficult but I’d have to say Citadels for the ability to play with two, three or even seven players! Thanks for the contest! Really excited you guys picked up the publishing for Dead Man’s Draw as I was pretty disappointed the first Kickstarter didn’t work out.

  • yobrett

    There is no possible way I could pick just one game, but right now my favorite games are ones that I can play with my daughters who are just starting to up their quality of board/card games to things that don’t require me to compete to become a pretty pretty princess.

  • Andrzej Andy Kaczor

    My Favorite … right now 😀 is Eclipse !! with all addons it’s really really great game, works on every amount of players, may ways to win, space theme, perfect 😉

  • Russell Lau

    my favourite game is bang as that’s the very first game i was introduced to!

  • isthar

    Favorite game? Right now? Cyclades 🙂 Favorite Mayday games? I think that’ll be Dead Man’s Draw 😉

  • Debbie

    Favorite game? It changes but right now it’s probably Sentinels of the Multiverse. Though Dead Man’s Draw is always in the top five for me. 🙂

  • Nik Persram

    Favorite game? Uggggh, so many to choose from. I’m currently obsessed with Krosmaster Arena. Pretty miniatures and components and solid gameplay. :3

  • K Stu

    Thanks for the contest. Favorite game is 7 Wonders. Overplayed? Sure, but still a great game!

  • Steve Randall

    My favorite game at the moment is Splendor.

  • Tomasz

    Few acres of snow, just love it 🙂

  • Dylan T. Black

    I do enjoy myself some Resistance with a rowdy group ^_^. DmD has proved to be an addicting PYL game on iOS – Hoping it’s great with friends IRL

  • Nilson Soares

    Favourite game? Arkham Horror, no doubt!

  • Jeremy

    Favourite game… Still working on that one. Games I’m looking to would include Looking for Trobils and Dragon Slayer.

  • Demasterpl

    Can’t wait to play the new game!

  • Xulambs

    Favourite game is Through the Ages.

  • DerekBC

    My favorite game would have to be the game that got me started into board gaming, which would be Small World!

  • T Winslow

    This should be awesome

  • Louly McButter

    I love classic Tetris… so many other applications in life besides just the game !!

  • Jeff Thompson

    Flash Point Fire Rescue because of the co-op and the variety of expansions available.

  • George G.

    At the moment, I’m having fun with both Viticulture and Euphoria.

  • Chuck

    Favorite game lately has been Splendor, but the latest Ascension game has been awesome as well.

  • Caesar

    My favorite game is 7 Wonders, love me some card drafting.

  • Nate

    My all time favorite is Robo Rally. It is the only game that I have an additional sealed copy as a back-up just in case a series of unlikely events lead to mine being destroyed and it being out of print.

  • Daniel Del Sent Soares

    Favorite game is Lords of Waterdeep, because of the Dungeons & Dragons theme, and the mix of Euro and Thematic game

  • Benj

    Dominion! I love the diversity and fun.

  • CreedFeed

    It’s hard for me to pick one single favorite game. It depends on the mood. I really like Heroscape, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and Smash Up.

  • Jason Mack

    I have become addicted to Takenoko. I never win, but some day I shall vanquish my family and become the Emperor’s favored gardener….

  • Jack Fleming

    Legendary, because my wife likes to play it and I like building engines

  • Amy Mills

    Hard to pick one favorite. Favorite deckbuilder: tie between Thunderstone/Legendary. Favorite euro: Lords of Waterdeep. Favorite tile placement: Takenoko… I’ll stop there.

  • At the moment my favorite game is Sushi Go! because my 4.5 and 7 yr old daughters both have a great time playing it with me.

  • Eric

    My favourite games would be Pandemic, Flash Point and Ticket to ride. I’m sure there are more, but these came to my mind now.

  • Angrod Vardamir

    Mine has a long list, but on the top, there is Eclipse.

  • John Cottrell

    A couple years new to the hobby and there are many great games my daughter and I play. One of our favorites is Kingsburg. We love worker placement 🙂 even with dice.

  • Isaiah Tanenbaum

    hard to choose a favorite, but Innovation gets a lot of play even after being in my library for several years. Lately 7 Wonders is up there though!

  • Sergey

    My favorite game is Neuroshima hex 3.0!

  • Chris

    Eclipse, space empire game that can be played in under 5 hours

  • JEmlay

    I dont really know what my favorite Mayday game will be. I’ve not gotten any of the KS’s yet. Probably the Hold Your Breath Limited Edition box!

  • M Schroder

    Takenoko is awesome!!! By I actually love almost all games 😀

  • A

    Splendor is our current go-to game. My friends describe it as “competitive shopping.” Sushi Go is another recent purchase we’re having a great time with. It’s about sushi, which is fun, and you save pudding for desert. Sushi Go is good with groups of four or five, and both kids and adults enjoy it.

  • Brec Madok

    Love protecting my cards, makes the investment worth it.

  • Rodney Biggerstaff

    My favorite game is 1960 The Making of the President

  • My favorite game is Troyes. Great dice mechanic and a theme to tie everything together

  • Maurice Fitzgerald

    Having a blast with Dead Man’s Draw, can’t wait to have the cards in hand to play in person!

  • My favorite game is A Game of Thrones 2nd Ed. It is one of the best licensed games that actually captures the feel of its property and is a very fun, deep and beautiful game to look at.

  • Dustin

    Thanks for the comment

  • Nathan

    My favorite game is Runebound

  • Byron Jorjorian

    Really looking forward to getting Dead Man’s Draw! Really like push your luck games.

  • mawiker

    Perudo … the family enjoys it.

  • bneffer

    Core Worlds – I love the crumbling space empire theme

  • David A. Douglas Jr.

    This has been a great Kickstarter.. I’m glad I came across you guys.. keep it up!

  • Jared

    Favorite game is Ticket to Ride!