Starry Night Board

Includes everything you need for hours and hours of fun this holiday season including:

  • Starry Starry Night Crokinole Board (plus discs and scoring track)
  • Carrying Case
  • Clock Accessory
  • 2 additional packs of discs of the color of your choice
  • This is the bundle we are giving away:

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS & HI, AK, PR: You may enter to win, but you the winner will be required to pay shipping. We will ship the bundle for free to any USA (lower 48 states).

Enter to win our Starry Starry Night Crokinole Bundle!

Begins today, ends Saturday December 7 at 11:59PM.

There are several different ways to enter, so be sure to do them all to increase your chances of winning!

The Board In Action!

Starry Night Crokinole

  • Jason

    That is one GORGEOUS board. I would love to put that at the centerpiece of my collection.

    • maydaygames

      I’m sure it would love to be at the centerpiece of your collection as much as you would love for it to be. Here’s to you winning!

  • Chris

    Thats a great prize. Stunning piece even if it wasn’t an awesome crokinole board, BUT IT IS. What more could anyone ask for?

    • And sure to provide hours of holiday fun for whoever wins!

  • Morfeatire

    This is simply amazing.
    Ok all you boards are astounding, but this is something I’d loose myself drooling on

    • maydaygames

      Careful. These boards are not waterproof. 😉

  • Raquel Evans

    Van Gogh and Crokinole all in one… Amazing.

  • Brian W

    Who wouldn’t want in on this contest?!

    • Maybe a cave man? No… I’m sure he could even make use of it. Although, he’d probably just steal the idea and call it a “wheel” or something. Silly cave men.

  • Jonathan Sears

    Beautiful Board!

  • Chris Headley

    Amazing beautiful board

  • Dean Smith

    Love the artwork.

  • Emren

    Great giveaway!

  • g3p

    Contest!!! In in in!!!

  • Benjamin Nicholson

    What a great give away! Thanks for having it…and perhaps I can play Crokinole for the first time?

    • You’ve never played Crokinole? It’s a blast. Hopefully you win so you can experience the fun!

  • Tony Habib

    Would love to try Crokinole on a board like that

  • .Don

    Sweet contest, I hope I win 🙂

  • disqus_lnsNElbDo4

    Great deal. already own one.

  • disqus_SIMlHUg4JU

    I would like to win!

  • Bob

    Suitable for framing…in a museum

    • maydaygames

      As true as that may be, it’s far more useful to be played on than looked at. 🙂

    • Jason

      Nice try, Indiana Jones.

  • Kyle Hendricks

    Completely jazzed to enter this contest!

    • maydaygames

      Hopefully you win!

  • Pigoon

    This board looks great! It would look great on the wall in my game room!

  • Kay

    I just learned how to play this game this weekend at a friends house! So much flipping fun! Literally..

  • ProfBeard

    I’ve been craving a board since seeing Crokinole played in the Omegathon at PAX East 2012. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Andrew Nelson

    The artwork on this Cronkinle game is absolutley gorgeous. Such a fun game will be even better with this artwork. Starry Starry Night is an awesome design for it.

  • Brian

    Finally a chance for folks outside of the lower 48 to get one!

  • Isaiah61

    The only thing missing is a Don McLean “Vincent” single.

    • Jason

      I prefer the energy of the NOFX cover of the song.

  • RubyRed77

    This would look BEAUTIFUL hanging on a wall with the add-on clock!

  • DavidRY

    Thanks for posting this contest. And if I wasn’t already intrigued that picture showing how fun it looks with the blue, yellow and black discs definitely did the trick!

  • gil

    This game is just perfect for those break the ice moments.

  • zerosatanmine

    This is awesome that you’re giving away the Crokinole board. It want to win it. It would be the perfect addition to my gaming night accessories! Also, sleeves!

  • AlvinMaker

    I have the Nebula package and love it!

  • Robert T. Hartsell

    Great game. Hope I win so that I can show off the game!

  • Leah Scoville

    AMAZING! Crokinole by itself is awesome but add in Starry Night and it makes it out of this world. You have outdone yourself.

  • Jason Moss

    This is amazing! It will prompt a lot of my friends to play this awesome game!

  • Jon

    Board looks awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  • zuzubun

    Nice contest. I would like to try this game.

  • Patrick

    I’d play it on a stary night.

  • Sarah

    Very beautiful piece!

  • Wow!

  • Brad Venable

    Must. Own. I played on some at BGG.con, and they were simply stupendous.

  • Yauchy

    Looks like fun

  • onebitpixel

    Where’s the Tardis?! looks great either way; pretty nice setup.

  • L H

    This would be fun to play with my kids!

  • Jeff Thompson

    Looks like a great game! Thanks for the contest.

  • Kwong Lai

    The set looks fantastic! Thanks for the contest!

  • Michael Huven-Moore

    Um… this is incredible.

    There’s a danger of no crokinole games ever occurring with this board due to the owners just staring at it for hours. However, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Give it to me now please and thank you.

  • Shane Ivie


  • John

    This looks awesome.

  • Jason Funk

    Great looking board!

  • Rich

    You guys always have the best deals…I love the art and the game. Your sleeves cover most of my game cards!

  • Rod Spellman

    Such a great giveaway. Beautiful board.

  • Chantelle

    My husband really wants this game! Looks fun!

  • Bill Ten Brink

    Culture using culture by way of a game. The kids will not know they are being cultured!


  • Barry Lewis

    I love crokinole and you can never have enough boards!

  • Patrick

    This is so cool! I’ve never played but I’d definitely like to. Especially on this sweet board!

  • Shane Ivie

    I want this so bad…

  • Ross


  • PredicateD

    What a great giveaway. I’m glad I saw it before it was over. Whoever wins this board will be a lucky person indeed!

  • Amy Hipp Adams

    Crokinole was so much fun to play at BGGCon and the artwork was amazing!! Y’all rock!!